Folding Text Effect with Photoshop

Typography is the art which has its own flavor. Many creations that can be generated by playing the letters, arrange or provide a particular effect. This time I will show you how to create a very cool folding effect to apply on your typography using photoshop. Check it out!

Step 1

First open Photoshop and create a new document with size up to you with a resolution of 300 ppi. Use the Paint Bucket Tool (G) to fill the area with the color #e9e3d5. Type the text that we will give the effect of folding. For the font used in this tutorial up to you, because here I just explain the trick. I here use the font Helvetica CE.

In this tutorial I will show how to create a very cool folding effect to apply on your typography using photoshop, in very easy and in a couple simple steps you can transform a simple text into a text full of folded letters to give a very cool look to it, check it out

Step 2

Duplicate the text layer by pressing Ctrl + J and change the text color to #55514e. On layer palette, right click the duplicate layer and then select Rasterize Type.

Now that we have the typo we are going to start working on folding the letters one by one, so starting with the A we are going to select a box around the letter “A” using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), once we have it selected, hold Ctrl + C to copy the letter and then press Ctrl + V to paste it, name the layer you pasted “A”(change the color that you want on the abduzeedo text before you copy and paste it

Step 3

Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) to select parts of the letter that we will create folds.

We already have the letter “M” on a new layer now we are going to select the part that we want to fold it, I like to use the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) and select part of the letter that I want to fold it

Step 4

Cut the part that existed at the selection area by pressing Ctrl + X and then paste it by pressing Ctrl + V. By pasting means we get a new layer, rename this new layer with a ‘fold’.

Now that we have a selection we are going to copy the selection by hitting Ctrl + C and then delete the selection on the layer “M”, paste it by hitting Ctrl + V, when you paste it note that it will be on a new layer so name that “M-fold” as you can see here

Step 5

Change the color of the letters that folds into a gray by clicking Image > Adjustment > Hue / Saturation (Ctrl + U). Set Saturation to -100 and Lightness to +60.

First lets change the color of it, go to Image Adjustment Hue Saturation bring the Saturation to -100 and Lightness to +60 to give a gray color so it looks like the back of the letter is folding

Step 6

Then we have to Edit Transform Rotate and make sure we rotate the folded area exactly on the angle we want, make sure you place it right where it’s folding as you can see on the image.

Press Ctrl + T to transform and produce the play as follows

Step 7

Hide the black M by clicking the eye image on the layer palette. Press Ctrl and click the layer thumbnail from the crease to make the selection. After that create a smooth gradient from black to transparent.

Now that the folded part is on the right place we are going to make it look a little more real by adding some shadow, first hold Ctrl and click on the “M-fold” layer, that will select our folded part, now create a new layer and name it “M-fold-shadow”. Using the Gradient Tool – Linear Gradient with the color black apply it on the same angle as the top of the folding area as you can see on the image, if needed reduce the opacity of the layer so the shadow will be smooth

Step 8

Now we create the shadow of the letters are folded but we did not use the Drop Shadow. Use the Pen Tool to create a path like the screenshot below.

Now we'll create shadow using pen tool at first create path like you see in the image below

Add a new layer behind the ‘fold’ and we call this layer with ‘shadow’. Create a selection using the path above, then fill selection area with black using Paint Bucket Tool (G). Now go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, we use 5px for radius.

tutorial belajar membuat bayangan tulisan menggunakan photoshop

The last step, change the opacity of the ‘shadow’ layer to 70%.

tutorial belajar tipografi menggunakan photoshop membuat teks dengan efek melipat

We Use this Trick to Create a Wallpaper

This quick Photoshop tips can be used to create a cool wallpaper that contains the words with each letter folded. Like the example below is a wallpaper for which contained the slogan for the website. Click to view in larger size. Try it with your own creativity and don’t forget to subscribe to Grafisia RSS Feed.

photoshop tutorial make typography wallpaper effects for folded letter, the wallpaper muslim


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