Wonderful Light Calligraphy by Julien Breton aka Kaalam

What do you think about light calligraphy?! Have you ever seen it before? We know that light graffiti is quite common now, but light calligraphy takes it on a higher level. Light calligraphy is a mix of long exposure photography and traditional calligraphy. Using LED glowsticks, flashlights, even fireworks, combined with time-lapse photography, light graffiti artists create a unique tagging that wraps around objects dimensionally, allowing them to tag in a way they’d never be able to with spraypaint.

When I visited Julien Breton’s gallery on DeviantArt, I was completely amazed by his incredible light calligraphy. Julien Breton is France light-graffiti artist and calligrapher. He working on paper and photography using long exposure. No photoshop on his light calligraphy, only a camera and light. Check it out and prepare to be amazed!!!

Light Calligraphy by Julien BretonLight – Arabic calligraphy
Vivre Libre light graffiti by Julien BretonVivre Libre
Songe light calligraphy by Julien BretonSonge
Ile Neuve light graffiti by Julien BretonIle Neuve
Y croire sincerement light graffiti by Julien BretonY croire sincerement
Le Savoir light graffiti by Julien BretonLe Savoir
My little box light graffiti by Julien BretonMy little box
Liberte light graffiti by Julien BretonLiberte
Celui qui voyage light calligraphy by Julien BretonCelui qui voyage…
Nantes Island light calligraphy by Julien BretonNantes Island
Moon Set light calligraphy by Julien BretonMoon Set
Reflexion style light calligraphy by Julien BretonReflexion style
Poésie light calligraphy by Julien BretonPoésie
Le Palais Ideal light calligraphy by Julien BretonLe Palais Ideal

Where to Find Julien Breton on the Web

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