Great Digital Art Inspiration by Leonardo Dentico aka leox912

Few hours ago I’m browsing in deviantART and I found some amazing digital arts crafted by Italian extremely talented designer Leonardo Dentico, better known as leox912 on the web. Leonardo Dentico is a unique artist with a strong passion for his work. An up and coming artist with a great set of skills and strong beliefs that he represents in his art. In this post I’ll show you some of his artworks in surreal photomanipulation, conceptual photomanipulation, sci-fi, text art, etc. Hopefully these will inspire us!

Digital art is an umbrella term for a range of artistic works and practices that utilize digital technology. Since the 1970s various names have been used to describe what is now called digital art including computer art and multimedia art but digital art is itself placed under the larger umbrella term new media art.

Qwerty surreal photomanipulation by Leonardo DenticoQwerty
le cirque dans desert surreal photomanipulation by Leonardo Denticole cirque dans desert
2091,Rome:Steampunk Day surreal photomanipulation by Leonardo Dentico2091,Rome:Steampunk Day
Artificial Supremacy digital art by Leonardo DenticoArtificial Supremacy
My childWoods book digital art by Leonardo DenticoMy childWoods book
Just an apple digital art by Leonardo Dentico an ironic rappresentation of the church way of thinking,god becomes incredibly angry because of a man who ate a fruit that's why just an apple the snake seems to be all-in-one with god,as like as he knew that letting the man eat that fruit,god would have became angry the eden is becoming destroyed by the lava,and animals are trying to escape,the apple is the central part of the whole concept,you can see it is cutted to show the typography original sinJust an apple
resurgence sci-fi photomanipulation by Leonardo DenticoResurgence
Ancient Rome Landscapes and Scenery photomanipulation by Leonardo DenticoAncient Rome
Ancient climb text art by Leonardo Denticoclimb
World exhibition surreal photomanipulation by Leonardo DenticoWorld Exhibition
chaos in the middle of city sci-fi photomanipulation by Leonardo Denticochaos in the middle of city
from chaos to order digital art by Leonardo Denticofrom chaos to order
Letter D text art by Leonardo DenticoLetter D
creation digital art by Leonardo Denticocreation
mental chaos digital art by Leonardo Denticomental chaos
XX Century digital art by Leonardo DenticoXX Century
let the world hear our voice digital art by Leonardo Denticolet the world hear our voice
heart black market digital art by Leonardo Denticoheart black market
crosswor-L-d digital art by Leonardo Denticocrosswor-L-d

Where to find Leonardo Dentico on the Web

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